Thursday, February 21, 2008

Moonlight Sonata

It's been fun to do a little stargazing while in the Southern Hemisphere, although somewhat hampered by the lights from the city. This weekend we're going camping with the rock climbing crew from the YMCA and I can't wait to see the stars out in Minas. The stars are different and I keep meaning to look up some of the southern constellations, but haven't taken the time to do so. I think I have been able to see the Southern Cross and Orion, only this mythical hero is upside down with his knife hanging contrary to gravity. In addition Taurus may be visible but I can't say for sure. Again, I'll have to look them up. For those of you out there who happen to be star buffs (yes, I'm talking to you Dad), let me know if you want me to look for anything.
Last night however, we got to see a special treat. As some of you might be aware, referring to you star buffs out there, was a full lunar eclipse. I hope that some of you had a chance to see it because it was visible to both North and South America. We asked to be able to get onto the roof of the church next door at midnight last night and stayed out until one watching the shadow of the earth creep slowly across the face of the moon. I don't remember the last time I may or may not have seen a lunar eclipse but this was really spectacular. To learn about eclipses and various other "space happenings" during school is one thing, but to actually see one of them is a very surreal experience.

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