Friday, February 1, 2008


If you’ve never experienced a fubol game, you’ve been missing out! We went to the biggest match of the year in Montevideo: the game against Nacional and Penarol, the two biggest teams in Uruguay. It was nuts! We got frisked going in and were overwhelmed by the amount of people there. For you Montana wrestling fans out there, picture the Metra 4 times as big filled with 60,000 screaming and jumping fans shooting fireworks and waving flags and flares from the crowd. 60,000 people…that’s twice the number of people in all of Kalispell, all in one stadium. I enjoyed myself immensely, even though I’ve never really been interested in soccer. I’ll have to say that I am now, those guys are amazing athletes, both of endurance and skill! I’ll have to take up some more crazy European sports like soccer and rugby, break into the international scene…all I need is a good agent. :)

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lukie:) said...

hey colter its me your best cousin in the world luke hansen, i have read every thing about where you have been and i am sooooo jealous. Especialy of this futbol, you should email me sometime i really miss you my email is I love you got to go!!! Talk to you later