Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Compañeros de Cuarto (Casa Tour Part 1)

So, I gave up on the song title thing already. I'm not really "cultured" in the way song titles. I'll keep thinking about it thought and you might see some in the future. And this way I'll throw some Spanish at y'all (that's Texan by the way).
This the first installment of my house tour, starting with my sanctuary: our dorm room. I share some pretty prime real estate with two other guys, Josh and Mark. I know them through Church back in Abilene and we've become even better friends down here. We definitely have fun! It's really interesting how three guys with completely different backgrounds, study habits, sleep habits, snack habits can have so much in common. It must be a God thing...(*inside joke, sorry*) It does help though, that we all have pretty much the same sense of humor.
For the room itself, we have 3 beds, two of which are bunked. I seem to have drawn the top bunk, something about how I like to climb things...? I don't know. There are three closets for us in the back wall with plenty of space for our stuff. Josh has his own desk and Mark and I work at a long desk along the far wall. The arrangement seems to work out nicely. The best thing about our room is the two fans that keep the air cooler all day long. It's amazing how much moving air can do. Que bueno! Me gustan mis compañeros de cuarto.


Karen said...

I believe Amelia would say "Me gustAN mi companeros..." but then again my Spanish is so pathetic I may be wrong...

In fact, I haven't done my Spanish homework yet. Must go!

SO glad you're here in Montevideo with us, Colter! It is DEFINITELY a better place with you in it!

Karen (the mom away from home)

MagicBoy said...

Thanks Karen, I changed it. Although I will have to say that I posted this before Amelia even taught us about the verb gustarse...