Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Clothes Line Saga

I was challenged to make all my titles have references to songs, so we'll see what I can do. I thought about the nursery rhyme "This is the way we wash our clothes, wash our clothes..." but I felt that Bob Dylan was more precise.
We have to do all our own laundry down here, it’s really a bummer let me tell you. We have to haul all our clothes and sheets and towels to the nearest Laundromat all the way across the city with our pocketful of pesos and run load after load in the small washers.
Actually, I’m just kidding: there is a lavaderia just up the block that we take our clothes to and drop them off. Then, we come by the next day a pick it up, all neatly folded and smelling oh so clean and fresh. They’re folded better than I have ever seen and packed neatly in blue, plastic bags. It costs about 3 dollars a load and I go through about 2 loads a week, as in I bring all my laundry and it comes to about 2 loads. As for the smell: I really can’t describe it, but nonetheless it smells wonderful and is very strong. Seeing as how we are 3 male roommates our room smells poorly sometimes. When we get our clothes back we put it in front of the fan and blow the fragrance around the room. It only lasts for a couple of days, but no worries.

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Autumn said...

I miss the laundry! I hate doing my own laundry now. I miss the folded clothes and the wonderful smell!