Thursday, March 6, 2008

Photo Update

Here's some photos of two of the trips that I've already blogged about (refer to BA and rock climbing blogs for a more detailed explanation of events mentioned):

Buenos Aires TripNight on the town: all dressed up for our Tango Dinner
Casa Rosada: Like the Whitehouse, only rosada (pink). The balcony in the center is where Madonna made some famous speeches in her role as Eva Peron in the musical of the same name.

In a rather large church. You are looking at the mausoleum of San Martin, one of the most famous revolutionaries of Latin American independence. I learned about him in my junior year of High School in "History of the Americas" class and now I actually get to visit where he lived. How cool is that?Some statues in the La Boca neighborhood representing three very important people to Argentina: (from left to right) Carlos Gardel, the famous Tango singer, Eva Peron, former first lady of Argentina, and Diego Maradona, the soccer player that led Argentina to a World Cup win.The strange rabbit animal whose name I just learned: a mara, or patagonian hare. Interesting, they let them run wild in the zoo.The tomb of Eva Peron (I said she was famous didn't I?).The Subte, the subway system of BA. My first time on a subway!Just "Monkey-ing Around" in the Natural History museum.
Minas Rock Climging Trip:
My climbing buddies: Mallory and AlanMuchos Uruguayos, Muchos Amigos!
Alan just finishing a route. Notice the non-verbal gesture he is making. Not the traditional US thumbs-up, similar but including the index finger. It means that the person is happy. Alan just got to rock climb a 30 meter route, therefore he is happy :P

Just hanging out, contemplating the answers to life's biggest questions. Oh, and rock climbing too. "Hold me Alan!"

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