Monday, March 24, 2008

La Paloma era muy bonito.

So this is a little behind, but a couple of weeks ago we took a combined trip to La Paloma (along the east coast of Uruguay) and the surrounding area. I liked the picture idea that I had for the climbing trip and BA so that's what I'll do for this one. Here goes:

One the first day in La Paloma, a group of us decided to take surfing lessons. Here are the six guys who braved the cloudy weather and crashing waves to learn the art of surfing.
First part of the lesson included learning to jump up from a lying down position to standing. On the beach it seemed pretty easy, on the board in the water: not so much... I don't have any actual surfing pictures because my batteries died about 2 minutes after this photo. :(
We took a 4x4 ride to a rocky ithsmus called Cabo Polonio and this is the lighthouse that warns ships of the perilous rocks.
We got to hike to some sand dunes just outside of town as well. Here's Branson, Mark, and Holly enjoying the views. It was kind of wierd hiking between the dunes and the surf in the light conditions we had: felt like we were on some strange planet with no life around for miles.
Here are more dunes off in the distance. We hiked to the nearest one visible with the two dots on it in the left side of the picture. The dots in the picture are our resident professor's family Ken, Karen, Krista, and Katie Cukrowski. (I think if you click on the picture it will load in a different window bigger).
A picture of Sarah Boyd and I standing at the top of the lighthouse shown earlier. You could see for miles around (probably because everything was so flat). The four of us up there couldn't do anything else except stand there and take it all in. Gorgeous!

Now here's a fun game. I hope I'm right about being able to click on a picture and loading a larger version in a different frame, because it'll be harder to play without it. Here's the deal. This is a photo from the top of the lighthouse there is a napping kitty-cat on the rocks below. Can you find her? (Hint shown below)
This picture is taken at Punta del Diablo. The waves would come in and crash on the rocks of the point, resulting in amazing photo opportunities. This is Branson in the foreground, one of my hiking buddies you'll hear a lot about in the Machu Picchu Blogs coming soon to a webpage near you.

Lastly, we visited a huge colonial era fort built by the Spanish. From above it is shaped in characteristic 5-pointed star and is now a type of museum with displays of how fort life would have been. As cliche as it might look I was not looking forward to "putting my nose back to the grindstone" the next day at school.
Also, included in this trip, but without picture evidence: French-style breakfast in a room in our hotel facing the Atlantic Ocean, a dinner in which I got to try shark, a horse-back riding trip along the beach, and a Sunday morning service we had on the beach behind our hotel which was awesome! Fun trip. Que pasan bien ustedes (Spanish for y'all...)!

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Karen said...

I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED our Cabo Polonia trip; I especially loved the isolation (compared to the Diablo place and other more tourist-y areas). And I'm so glad you're on this great adventure with us, Colter! :)