Saturday, March 8, 2008

Casa Tour Part II

And finally as promised, here is the second instalment of my house tour to you all. For a recap, the first part introduced you to my humble room and my roommates. This will give you a taste of the rest of the house.

Welcome to Casa ACU!

Here we are at the front door. Quite large as you can see. The whole thing opens so the family living in the church building can park their car inside. The size and decorative metal work is left over from the building's days as a coffee factory.

This is a picture of the courtyard in the middle of the house. The windows that you can see lead to our program director's and professor's apartments and the perspective is looking out my room window. It's been really fun to have a central courtyard and be able to talk from room to room across the way. Imagine doing your homework at your desk and being able to ask your teacher a question by talking out the window!

This is a picture of our kitchen. Mariela, one of our cooks, is pictured in the left side of the picture. She and Raquel are amazing cooks! I've probably mentioned that before, but it's good enough to deserve repetition. I also learned from Raquel how to make empanadas, a Uruguayan staple, and am excited to make them back at home. And get excited Dad: I also learned how to make hot, fresh tortillas from scratch! Are you drooling yet?
This is the "loft," where we have access to a TV and couches to hang out, chill, and enjoy movies or games with friends. Through the door on the left is a little work out area that isn't much, but it's always nice to have a space to go and do some pullups, pushups or stretch after a run (when you're hot and sweaty and just want to hide your tired-ness).

This is the computer lab, being demonstrated by Courtney. There are 9 computers with internet access and 2 printers for our use. Most of us have our own laptops, but the internet is usually faster up here and it's nice to be able to work on group projects in here as well since we aren't allowed in rooms of the opposite gender. I understand that they need to do it, but it really gets anoying!

This is a picture of the classroom next door in the church. Posing for us here is Ken Cukrowski, our guest professor who teaches my Christianity in Culture class, and Amelia, my beginning Spanish instructor. They're both really fun!

Hope you enjoyed the tour. If you have any questions or comments don't hesitate to send me an email or comment on this post. Que pasan bien!


Karen said...

I think the visiting professor is really cute. Wish he was my husband... oh wait! ... :)

Karen said...

Oh, and I stole a couple of these pictures for a blog Katie wrote about homeschooling here in Montevideo. I figured it was easier to ask forgiveness than permission ... (although, come to think of it, I do know your number -- just yell out the window!) :)