Saturday, April 12, 2008

I Got Rhythm, I Got Music

The Wednesday night before we left for Brazil, we went again to the Teatro Solis to watch a Brazilian rock artist Chico César. His show was very entertaining and he involved the audience a lot (I wish I could have participated more, but since he was speaking in Spanish and singing in Portuguese…I know, more and more excuses). It opened with him and his drummer accompanist playing/singing a number while he was playing a weird looking instrument and manipulating the sound with a synthesizer. As the rest of the show continued he played two different guitars, sang, and danced while the drummer had some solos. In an attempt to explain his music/style, I would have to say that he was a mix of Bobby McFerrin and John Mayer, light rock with guitar but using a lot of mouth percussion/sound effects and body movements. Overall it was very enjoyable and was a good introduction to our Brazil trip we took the next week.

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